My blue 2005 Cube

Third one now...

All standard, 1400cc, 2005 model.



and a lot nicer inside now as I've spent about 3 hours valeting the interior as it was covered in dog hair and smelt a bit iffy..

Got to get new windscreen fitted and that should be done this week. :D :D


  • Welcome back! :) Nice grill. You got any plans for it?
  • :-) Glad to be back

    Not planning much apart from more intensive valeting to rid the interior of strange odours, sort out a few sratches in the paint and replace broken front screen for now.

    I do have some alloys to go on it and may drop it a few mm then fit my black leather steering wheel from the Rider.
  • Good stuff. Ooh, is it really bad? Speaking of valeting, what stuff do you use? As you know, the Rider interior really shows up any marks.

    Oh yeah, I thought the Rider steering wheel was different to the non-Rider Cubes! :)
  • Interior was covered in dog hairs and smelt quite bad. We have a very good upholstery cleaning machine at work, one of the spray extraction units and it's very good. The seats were still a bit wet in the photo above and the water in the waste bucket was dark brown...

    Going to give it another going over this week.
  • Same as mine except for the 1.5cvt then! Gets very dusty though that blue!!!! :D
    Mines a june 2006 reg i think??? Anywho, anyone know how bad a stafish shaped (5pence size) crack is, are they repairable or do i need to look at new windy glass?
  • New screen is in :-)

    As for crack in your one EB... Upto about 10mm can usually be reapired OK.

    A local screen fitter should be able to sort that for you for about £25, most autoglass type places will inspect it for free.
  • Cheers, will try to get it looked at tomorrow, off to nottingham 530am thursday!
    Got a funny feeling its nearer twenty pence size now so i may need some details off you for direct line insurance if its too big/goes ping! :-)

    What rims you putting on?
  • Def welcome back to the square side.
  • Cheers for the comments guys

    Got some 17 inch TSWs to go on it or some deep dish 15 inch JDM jobbies as and when I get some tyres for them
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