Auto release switch

Hi all
Has anyone evr had a problem with the release switch for the auto select lever? When you depress the brake pedal it usually relases the lever. But hey ho mine stopped working a couple days ago and i have to use the manual release switch. I have had a look underneath but cant see much. the wiring looks okay and i have checked all the fuses.

Any ideas other than buy a new one!



  • I think it was Dave or maybe cubfig that had the same promblem recently and it cleared itself.
  • If it helps, removing the shift lock fuse will usually (experience of cars with similar setups) disable the shift lock, so at least it won't cause a problem, until you can get round to fixing it.
  • Thanks.

    I am currently just using the manual Red button to release the shift. i hvae got in touch with Bristol Car imports to ask them to see if they can locate a new switch. A really helpful guy called Mark who used to work there has now left so waiting for a reply.


    PS> Currently my Cube has been lowered on Blitz springs, Blitz induction kit and twin pipe stainless longlife exhaust. Colour coded Fox 17" wheels (to be refurbed after meeting a curb).
  • hi ihad the same problem it was a loose contact on the little servo that unlocks the shifter have the small plug checked
  • I had a problem with the release switch <div>It turn out to be the small solenoid at the bottom of the gear leaver </div><div>easy to change</div>
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