Towbar required for 2010 LDN

Can anybody help with locating a supplier for a detachable towbar for my Z12 Cube? Been a nightmare up to now as all the suppliers I've contacted say it has been discontinued, presumably because of the rarity of the car.


  • Well this is great news, was just about to start the quest for the detachable towbar myself, typical! I'll keep you up to speed if you do the same mate.
  • At last I've found a company who has agreed to design, build and fit one in one day! We are heading to his company on 26th November, if all goes well and he is happy to carry out the job for others, I'll update this site. Obviously once he has the design the fitting process will only be a couple of hours. He can also do supply only. He already supplies a towbar for the Z11 but we've tried it and it won't fit the Z12. Changeover was mid 2010. Trailer is ordered but no towbar as yet. Fingers crossed for the 26th.
  • Has he gave you an idea of price?
  • At the moment I can only tell you the cost of the Z11 towbar, fixings, ball, electrics and instructions was about £270 inc. VAT and delivery, supply only. I daren't ask about my one yet! Keep you informed.
  • We've now got a detachable towbar fitted to our 2010 LDN Z12. The company who designed, built and fitted it together with the electrics is based near St Albans, Hertfordshire. All the work was done within 5 hours. Ben Babcock is the company director, 01727 873661, Check their website and Ben will give you the details, limitations and price for the work. By all means mention my name as your contact, Andy Cook.
  • Cheers for the info. I will definitely be looking into it. 👍
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