Towbar/Caravan - could a gen 2 tow a small caravan

This may be a very mad or bad idea, but we are thinking of getting a lightweight Vintage caravan and do not have a car with a tow bar. LOL!
Could a Gen2 tow a small caravan? Has anyone done that? How/what sort of tow bar would we need? Any tips/advice or SHOUTING - don't do it, appreciated.
Ours is a 2003 1.4 AT Cubic.
Thanks so much


  • I tow with my one done at least 1500 miles this year and more last year .great car for towing on a trip to Wales again soon Blackpool and the lakes so yes you can
  • Oh that's very cute. Thanks Toaster you are a star. I think the one we are looking at is 600kg is that ridiculous? Do you have to have a special sort of tow bar?
  • Hi all up with caravan and all pots pans awning and wind break and stuff we go 690kg .had to get to bar adjusted to fit the nearest we found was a note one and got it adjusted to fit .and then wiredbit up my self I put some more pics tomor.
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    The nissan note was the closest I found and as it came with all brackets and bolts and stuff needed it was handy .remove rear number plate bumper lights etc .Jack car up as you wi need to get underneath .the ends of the chassis rails are caped by the rear valance so this will need to be opened up then the brackets can slide in and be secured . I had to get a friend blacksmith I know to adjust the main bar to suit the back of car .simple adjustments and then refit and retighten after a couple of trips .I put both electrics on 7 and 13 pin with audio warning . I have to trailers .and a split charge relay under bonnet hope this helps
  • Big help thanks so much!
  • Hello I'm looking to pull my micro caravan with a 2004 1.4 petrol Cubic, what was the year of the Nissan Note that was used for the part please, and did you say it was a Nissan Note One? Cheers DD
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