Ferryhill Durham Gen3

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Ok. Very rare moment in the Durham pit village I live in. By very rare I mean never happened before. Sticker bombed white gen3, lowered with red wheels and a nice set of furry dice hanging from the rear view mirror. Also noticed an old cube owners club sticker amonst the others hence asking on here.


  • hmmmm I know the car but can't place the owner!
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    Hi it's mine. :-D are you the other cube in the village?.. white, gen3 freshginger?
  • Yes that's me. This'll confuse the shit out of people around the doors now, "Eh? that car had red wheels earlier!" Have you had it long? Was wondering what springs you have on or if you bought it set up like that, do you know what springs.
  • Haha... I've had in since 29th Dec. I genuinely thought I was the only one around this area.
    I'm surprised I've never seen urs before now. Haha. My daughter said she saw one like mine without red wheels the other day in Ferryhill car park. I told her she was seeing things.
    Was it u driving up Ferryhill windy road on Tues night about 8.30pm. I was following one... (I'd be completely freaked out if there was 3 of us).
    I bought the car the way it is. So I haven't got a clue what springs are on. I've messaged the guy I bought it off to see if I can find out for you.

  • Haha. Had mine for about 4 and a half years now so very surprised you haven't noticed it or heard it before, it's canny loud, had a custom exhaust made last year for it as the stock ones for them are stupid money. Cheers for trying to find out for me.
  • Oh and Yes, that will have been me the other night
  • No luck with finding out what springs they are.
    I spotted u again at thinford roundabout the other night. I heard u before I saw u. Haha. Mines got a custom exhaust too. (my hubby just told me). I thought loud was the norm. Haha!
  • Yeah I spotted you waiting at the lights and gave you a thumbs up out the window. I thought you'd have a custom exhaust, I noticed and old style owners club sticker on yours so I take it whoever you got it from was on here at some point. Most owners will get a stainless cat back exhaust done when they find out the price of a stock back box or centre pipe, so you're lucky it's done and out the way. No probs about the springs, I have an idea which ones they are anyway. Doing mine this spring/summer.
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