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Just filled my tank only done 1 longish return of 120 miles in total and only got 400km per tank which equates 27.9 mpg I thought these car had better mpg. What does your car do per tank?


  • Hi the best I got is 290 divide 8 gallon = 36 light on for 20 miles hoping for fuel .but it was a nice little cruise and 65/70 to Cardiff and normally I get 29/31 ish but I am 51 and can be pedal happy some days
  • 400km divide 1.6 km =250miles divide 8 gallon 31/32 mpg
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    41 litre tank is 9.01874 gallons 400km = 248.548=27.5mpg or is the tank not 41litres but I read that is the size
  • Thankyou but still. I did my one from fill to fill and that was the best I got so I still had one gallon till I stopped
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