Thinking of a Nissan Cube Sloper

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Thinking about buying this car; fresh import, grade R. Anything to look out for? Seller will be adding factory alloys.<br><br>HIxvYN1h.jpg<br>zIl1tUOh.jpg<br>kFXewkgh.jpg<br>lboh6ZJh.jpg<br>19sft7Lh.jpg<br>sHm83WUh.jpg<br>hcLglNBh.jpg<br><br>


  • As a new import I'd say check the lights all work, including fog lights. Also check the gearbox shifts smoothly - they tend to be a bit sudden into second gear, but should still be a fairly smooth shift. Rear suspension on the disability ones - has it got stiffer springs in the back, as the ones I've seen all did.<div><br></div><div>Basically, take it for a drive, press all the buttons, knobs and switches, and see if everything works and nothing makes any knocks or grinding noises!</div>
  • also check all the doors both lock and unlock remotely.
  • What they said. May I know the price?<br>
  • The white one will be under £4000; I know the seller. He has an 03 as well, same sort of money, probably a better grade of car, but its a model that was never fitted with a rear seat, and doesn't have a wheelchair electric brake. On manky wheels, but these would be swapped for sale.<br><br>Nissan-Cube-Sloper-wheelchair-disabled-access-adapted.jpg<br>
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    There is another, in Middlesborough, more money.<br><br>Looks ok<br><br><br><br>But the seller reused photos from the exporter, and didn't show this one<br><br>BF538658_c7517e.jpg<br>BF538658_1bebe3.jpg<br><br>Scraped up the side<br>
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