I'm trying to convince my wife that we should buy a cube

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Please help me persuade my wife that our next car should be a Cube, if anyone could run through a few points or headlines that I can go to her and say "we don't need a fiesta we need a Cube because of .............." that would be a great help. She is worried about spare parts, servicing, space and insurance costs as it will be a Japanese import.
Thanks in advance



  • Parts aren't too bad to get hold of, I'd recommend working on it yourself or finding a good independent garage locally though as that bit of knowledge makes all the difference. I've just serviced mine though and all the parts are cheap as chips - spark plugs are a pain to get at though! In terms of space, it's a small car - the boot is pretty small but actually plenty unless you want to put big stuff back there.
  • <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial, sans-serif;">There's storage all over the place in doors, under the rear
    footwells, cubby holes and hidey holes everywhere. Insurance is more, which is the
    main thing that stung me - I pay £400 a year where a Ford Focus I looked at was
    £300 to insure. There are specialist insurers who will give you better deals, but don't expect "everyone" to insure it, as many just say no due to it being an import.</span><o:p></o:p></p>
  • <span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial, sans-serif;">Pros
    are, it's different. If you want one, you want it and that's the end of it.
    People look at it, lots of people will think it's cool, especially if you
    modify it a little bit. I've had 5 people in mine in relative comfort for such
    a small car, and after months of ownership it still makes me smile when I walk
    towards it, despite the niggly issues I have with my one.</span>
  • Thanks for you replies everyone, i'll be honest its going to be a tough as i think it's the look that's putting my wife off. I will try until its a 100% No from her........ Wish me luck
  • See if you can get her out in one. My girlfriend wasn't keen until we got it. Now she thinks it's quite cool and funky.
  • I agree that finding parts is not too hard. Also Cube is pretty reliable and comfortable.<br>
  • I had the idea of trying to get her in one but where we live (Herefordshire) I'm looking at a 45min to an hour drive to the nearest.
    I will keep trying until she gets angry! Thanks for all the advice
  • I drove 3.5 hours to get mine!
  • I drove to Dudly from Durham to get mine. Our lass wasn't at all impressed with them until she drove the last 20 miles or so home. Now she loves it, is even considering getting one herself. Get her in one mate, it'll do the talking for you, trust me. As for costs, apart from a pricey exhaust system, I have no complaints at all. I commute to work on the motorway a fair bit and find it's not bad on fuel (considering it's got the aerodynamics of a brick). Had it for 3 years now and have no regrets. (Hope I haven't tempted fate). Plus you're a lot closer than I am to meets where you can hang out with this lot and check out the rest of the fleet. DO IT!!!
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    I should also warn you that there is no middle ground with regards to non cube owners. You're either cool as life
  • Or a tosser in a box
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    Thanks Freshginger I already know they are cool as life I just need to persuade her indoors and I'm not giving up yet!
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