Planning to buy a CUBIC - CVT advice please?

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I am seriously looking for Gen 2 Cubic and have found one I like. I had read that it is best to avoid the CVT gearbox which I understood to be the paddle shift buttons on the gearbox. But I now see on WikiPedia (I know!) that the Cubics all have CVT?? Is this true. Am I wrong in thinking no steering wheel buttons means no CVT?<br>The one I am looking at is a fresh import from Japan with about 70K mileage. 2005.<br>Please advise.<br>Also,  are all cubics in metallic paint? Thanks so much.<br>


  • Hi.

    Can't give you advice on all Cubics, but the Cubic I bought a few weeks ago has CVT and doesn't have paddle shifters. Also it's paint is flat black, not metallic.

    Hope that helps!
  • Thanks for that Snailherder, helpful. Am I daft to worry about CVT?? <br>
  • Well personally I'm not the worrying kind :D

    I did some reading around CVT before I bought my Cubic. Some folks had similar concerns to you, responses generally seemed to be that there was nothing much to worry about. But I must say this isn't based on any actual knowledge, just collected internet opinion.

    I'm sure someone more knowledgeable on this forum will come back with some better info for you...
  • Think I answered your CVT post so won't cover old ground here. The age of a cube also impacts as there was a gen 2.5 cube which is any with the 1.5l engine and they all appear after a certain date (I really should revise this being an admin!) but I believe all 1.5's have a CVT I( would guess that being larger with a likely bigger payload all Cube3 have the larger 1.5 engine and thus again are all CVT's.<div><br></div><div>It's not sopmething to be overly concerned about and to add to my other reply there is a company that completely rebuild and refurb the CVT boxes for about £1000 which is pretty much what a second hand replacement refitted would be anyway at a guess.</div>
  • Thanks so much for your advice and so sorry for delay, have been working away from signal for a few days. <br>Very helpful thank you
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