Reasons to buy a fresh import?

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Hello<div><br></div><div>My partner and I are new to the forum and to Cubes and are considering buying one. We're trying to work out current prices and our best options. We've got about £5k to play which will seem to get us a fresh import on a 54-56 plate (Z11) but are seeing plenty of newer private 60 plate Z12s often for a lot less money which is confusing (to us anyway).

What are the main advantages of buying a newly imported but older Cube over one that's five or six years newer? Should we consider a fresh import Z11 over say a 60 plate Z12 Kaizen?

This is probably a very noob question :-) but would really appreciate some advice from owners rather than say what an importer will tell us.</div>


  • I know the new ones are cool and probably amazing little cars, but the gen2 is cheaper to maintain in general, from what I read only, no experience there, if you buy a fresh import the likelihood of it being a goody is high as the japs run a tight ship, and mainly dry or at least warm climate means better underbodys!
  • Gen2 hold price better due to the following and are mostly getable .Gen 3 have a good following as well it's going to be wot you like best one big problem in Nissan world is Cvt gearbox keep oil clean and hopefully all be good however in the Jen2 their is a auto box version which I have seam strong done 220000 and towing as well so not bad .I am keeping my gen 2 till the day I can not drive any more Lov it
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    Thanks guys that's been really useful. We're now looking at 2nd gen imports
  • You're sure to find a gem somewhere! Excited to welcome you aboard soon! One man I can definitely warn you off, is a man in Bolton named John or Juan, see the topic on the discussions page called Conning seller Bolton! Happy hunting Nick! Volks
  • HY04FKN keep clear of car and so called owner
  • If you want to get a new import then I would recommend looking at our facebook page and contacting either Dan or Leeanne or go to CID in bristol all of whom have a good relationship with the club (no financial attachment just good solid people we trust and have served owners well) Going to Dan you have the benefit of Peter out in Japan who can visually inspect the cars prior to purchase and shipping to make sure it is what it says it is.<div><br></div><div>Gen 3 are a uk car whilst gen 2 is an import. if you want a cube you will buy one, if selling you have to find someone to buy it and that is a bit harder. there are very few gen 3 owners in the owners club who are uk residents as a lot of them were sold as motability cars and as such the people trying to get rid of them just want rid so take a bit less for them. They are a good car but don't have the same volume of shared parts as the gen 2 so things like exhausts are expensive as it's dedicated and no pattern part available where as the gen 2 is a micra exhaust.</div><div><br></div><div>Engines on both are shared with other cars so parts are easy to source for those and things like brake parts are easy to get hold of so no worries there.</div><div><br></div><div>If buying a gen 2 check the boot for water, that all the doors lock and unlock on central lcoking and that on a reasonable run the car doesn't look to be over heating or getting too hot. they aren't common faults but should be avoided. also look underneath as the japanese don't salt there roads so it should be rust free fresh import where as one that has been here a while untreated can be a touch rusty.</div><div><br></div><div>Gen 3 walk away from anything with a key light on the dash, again check all doors open and close as they should and the same damp under the carpet. see if you can see the joint between back box and mid section on the exhaust. it will fail eventually but if it already looks shot then it will be a bill that happens sooner than you want!</div>
  • check insurance first as some companies dont cover imports or the rates are high.<div>gen 2 ,s are cute looking, gen 3,s more agressive styling in my opinion.</div><div>i have a gen 3 kaizen , some bits are expensive but theres always a way round that.</div><div>welcome to the club.</div><div><br></div>
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    Thanks everyone, really helpful. Hope we can find something good.
  • Well we found a lovely gen 2 cubic in aqua blue and we pick it up this weekend if all goes well. Can't wait!
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