Picking up my Cube in 2 weeks

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Hello to all my new angled associates!<br><br>I've only seen a couple of cubes on the road ever, and for some reason a couple of weeks ago decided I needed to own one. So drove to a dealer in Wales yesterday to view a freshly-imported mint YZ11. He agreed an acceptable price for my Kia Picanto and the deal was done. As soon as it's registered to me I'll head back to Wales (from Portsmouth) and pick her up.<br><br>My other car is a Nissan 350Z so I'm already a fan of Nissan's unique and uncompromised styling. I always fancied messing round and personalising the looks of my 350Z but haven't got round to it - not a mistake I'll make with my Cube.<br><br>First stop is wheels. Got my eye on a nice set of 16" Momos. Would have liked to go 17" but no tyre options seem to be available - I guess that's too extreme to maintain the overall wheel size? But then I've seen some threads about speedos being badly off and people putting larger wheels/tyres on to combat that. What's the general opinion on this - is it OK to go for wheel/tyre packages that are bigger than the original? Would I need to get my speedo recalibrated?<br><br>Springs are stop number two. Looking at the standard spring packages out there it seems I can get a 50mm/45mm lowering quite easily, and I think the looks are improved by it. Don't want to 'slam it to the ground' as I need to be able to deal with speed bumps! Just looking to improve the cornering and the looks rather than go too extreme.<br><br>Once the wheels and springs are in place I'll see what kind of spacers I can get away with to fill the wheel arches.<br><br>My cube has a hideous looking single DIN stereo in place, so that's got to go immediately and be replaced with a double DIN unit of some kind. Looking at the cheapest UK stock double DIN units with sat nav looks like we're talking £400+. I'm trying to avoid ebay Chinese units that tend to melt, but when you can get something that at least looks decent for £150 it's difficult not to head that way. The other alternative I'm considering is an in-dash Android unit. Looks like it provides all the functionality I need plus more. While the sat nav in my 350Z is decent, the Google navigation app on my phone is simply better, and the Android unit features mirroring from my phone.<br><br>Loads to think about here! I'll be scanning the forum's threads for ideas and answers, but would appreciate hearing opinions from anyone who has been through the same thought processes.<br><br>Thanks for reading!<br>


  • Hi and welcome you should be able to find answers on here a lot of work is suck it and see due to the beast but most people's have got what they wanted so enjoy the ride
  • Thanks Toast, really looking forward to getting my Cube and making it look how I want it.<br><br>Got a set of 17" Momos ( http://www.wheelbasealloys.com/alloy-wheels/momo/win-pro/black/17-inch ) on the way from Italy, will be fitting a set of 195/40/17s to them.<br><br>Regarding springs, am on the verge of ordering a set of Micra K12 Eibach Sportlines ( http://www.eibachshop.co.uk/eibach-sportline-performance-spring-kit-e20630100122_p31222875.htm#.V83Tda0j7mg ). Reckon I've got a good chance of getting away with a 50mm max drop, but can get the arches rolled if there's a bit of rub.<br><br>Reckon I'll get the garage to underseal it too with some Carplan Waxoyl while they've got the wheels off.<br>
  • Nice rims! I got some sportlines coming too, and my wheels have just been dispatched from Rimstyle! Cades Eros hyper silver with 195 50 15s fitted!!! So hyped!!
  • Love those momos btw!
  • Cheers Volks!<br><br>I'm liking the look of your wheels too. What colour is your Cube? Have you modded at all?<br><br>I love this phase - the planning and the waiting, just as much fun as getting the goodies and playing with them in my opinion!<br><br>Mine's black and I've decided to go full-stealth, hence the black wheels. Will also be painting badges black.<br><br>My set of Eibach Sportlines will be delivered tomorrow. Like everyone who is lowering a vehicle for the first time I'm a little concerned about whether I've got the drop right. Want it to look good, but don't want any rubbing.<br><br>I've found the head unit which I think is ideal for my needs, and am just going through the process of persuading myself to spend £495 on a Pioneer AVH-X8800BT http://www.pioneer-car.eu/eur/products/avh-x8800bt<br><br>Have also ordered some black Tetrosyl Waxoyl to underseal with.<br><br>All I need now is the car!<br><br>So current plan is pick up car on Saturday 17th. Wheels on Sunday 18th. Springs and underseal Monday 19th. Head unit fitting Tuesday 20th.<br><br><br>
  • Haha!!! Love it! My Cube is Silver, ours will end up looking similar but opposite! My sportlines arrived today!!! Hopefully fitting Saturday! Put my Sony double din in earlier in the week!!!! Loving it! When these mods are done I'm thinking of tricking it out over time!
  • If the drops too low..... As if...... Then 35mm springs are on eBay by pi, for £79, as a backup plan
  • We're gonna need some before and after pics Volks - need to see what impact those wheels make on your Cube!<br><br>I'll keep the 35mm springs as plan C - plan B in case of rubbing is to get the rear arches rolled. My cousin knows a guy who can do it properly...<br><br><br>
  • Sick, yeah man I'll do photos on the day of! Can't wait!
  • Same goes for you btw snail
  • Cool. looking forward to seeing them Volks!<br><br>I just pressed 'buy' on that Pioneer :))  It's got every feature I want, I won't settle for less, so why wait!?<br><br>I intend to photograph every stage of my Cube journey. As soon as I've got something to share I'll start a fresh thread.<br><br><br>
  • I'm Portsmouth area too, and mine's black as well. I'll have to come have a look! :-) Interested to see what you find out with the wheels. Mine has some cheapie aftermarkets on but they're only 15s and on 35 section tyres so they do look too small. The car has been lowered, not sure how much by, so it's really low with the smaller wheels too.<div><br></div><div>I want to get some of the Mini Cooper alloys as there was a Cube on ebay for a while with them on and it looked epic. I like the contrast of silver wheels on a black car, but I'm tempted by gunmetal. Full black-on-black is a bit murdered out to me, but it's all personal taste so who cares!</div>
  • Yeah we'll definitely have to meet up once I've got my Cube and have put the bits on it. I go to Nistech on Copnor Bridge for all work on my cars, they said they see a white one with space invader graphics when the owner brings it in for an annual service and MOT.<br><br>I was surprised how cheap those Momo wheels were - £775 delivered with tyres, locking nuts and pop-out valves. By the time I sell the standard wheels with Dunlops that come with my Cube I'll hopefully get a couple of hundred back. Looks like there are some good bargains on Mini Cooper alloys on ebay, and for around £30 a corner you can get them painted gunmetal (nice colour in my opinion).<br><br>Black-on-black is an itch I need to scratch. May get bored of it, but I need to do it! The grill on my Cube is gunmetal, so it's not going to be totally stealth, though I could re-paint that... Might paint up the brake calipers, possibly red. Can't believe I'm 43 and talking about painting brake calipers!<br><br>Eibach springs arrived in the post today. Am now wondering about adding an underseat subwoofer to boost the sound a bit. Not expecting too much from one of those little units, but it's more about the sound in the car than announcing to passersby that I am approaching.<br>
  • Yeah I want an underseat woofer, may eventually replace the standard speakers too as the low end is non existent! Maybe the woofer will combat that!
  • I'm hoping the fronts settle more as it doesn't look like a 45 let alone a 50 mm drop! Overall happy though!
  • <P>That looks great Volks. Really shows what a difference springs and wheels can make - from cool to supercool!</P>
    <P>Just had a call from the dealer to say my Cube is now registered to me and ready to pick up! I'd love to head off now but the earliest chance I'll get is Friday. </P>
    <P>Pioneer AVH-X8800BT arrived yesterday. Need to get booked in now for springs, undersealing and head unit fitting. Exciting stuff...</P>
  • So here's the pile of goodies I've got ready for my Cube's arrival.
    - Eibach lowering springs
    - Pioneer AVH-X8800BT head unit
    - CD-SR110 bluetooth steering wheel remote for head unit
    - In Phase USW12 underseat subwoofer
    - 5 litres of Tetroseal Waxoyl
    - Headlight tinting kit (smoke)
    - Brake caliper painting kit (red)
    - Pot of Chemical Guys Black Luminous Glow wax

    Excited? You bet I am!

    Spring fitting and undersealing booked for Monday.

    Audio fitting booked for Wednesday. And I'll be getting some good quality speakers fitted at the same time.

    Just hoping those wheels are delivered this week...
  • Well the cube is haven a birthday and a half it will look and with all that ice it will cool ride
  • I'm so jealous, this sounds like it's going to be awesome. Mine sounds identical when standard, but mine isn't very modified! Unless you count the various dings and scrapes it's had under previous ownership as modifications.<div><br></div><div>I believe the front speakers are standard 6.5" ones, so they can be fairly cheaply replaced with something significantly better. The lack of bass frustrates me too, and even the treble sounds very soft. I will get to that eventually, along with fixing door solenoids.</div><div><br></div><div>I will have to give mine a good wash and polish before it meets yours by the sound of things, and even then I will be shown up! Excited to see how the wheels look on it. Sadly I'm financially ruined at the moment due to other "life stuff" like the house, birthdays and holidays which the missus would kill me without. But when I have a few pennies to rub together, mine will get some treatment for sure! :)</div>
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    <div><font face="Arial, Verdana"><span style="font-size: 13.3333px;">so I picked up my Cube yesterday. Nice little jaunt from Portsmouth to Newport. M4 was a car park so took 3 hours longer than it should have.</span></font></div><div><font face="Arial, Verdana"><span style="font-size: 13.3333px;"><br></span></font></div><div><font face="Arial, Verdana"><span style="font-size: 13.3333px;">I haven't driven an automatic for about 20 years but got used to it quickly and had a nice smooth drive back.</span></font></div><div><font face="Arial, Verdana"><span style="font-size: 13.3333px;"><br></span></font></div><div><font face="Arial, Verdana"><span style="font-size: 13.3333px;">I'm going to start a proper thread tomorrow to show the progression of what I do to my Cube, but here's a taster for now. Today I painted the brake calipers, fitted the 17" Momos, and changed the side repeaters for smoked ones. Very pleased with the look so far.<br><br>It's a shame isn't it Sam but sometimes life gets in the way of cars! At this moment in my life I can have a little bit of fun with mine, it'll swing back the other way at some point.<br><br>While I was at the car dealer in Wales I saw a 4.0 V8 M4 which I fell in love with. It's had the 'BMW cut', where two of the four back boxes are removed to make it sound better and give a little more power. The dealer kindly started it up and gave it some beans for me. I'm not afraid to say that I fell a little bit in love at that moment. The thing sounded like a bagful of howling banshees. Quite possibly the nicest sound I've ever heard. So next year I think my beloved 350Z may be on the way and an M3 taking its place.<br></span></font></div>
  • Love it in black. Looks good already now needs to be loooow
  • Cheers Rage. Booked in for the Eibachs to be fitted tomorrow!<br>
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    Seen the other pics it looks amazing. Great job now iwant bigger wheels on mine.
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