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Spanish/English Man in Bolton selling my old cube, HY04FKN.

He'll tell you it's immaculate, he'll tell you it's mint condition inside and out, but it isn't, it is a dog unfortunately, he took a £100 deposit which he assured me he would return if the car wasnt as described, and he let me drive 4 hours up country to collect it, and then when I said I didn't want it as it was not immaculate as described, he got in the car and drove off after telling me he'd 'get his mates' if I hung around, well I did, and he didn't, but nevertheless I still am £100, a day, and a tank of fuel out of pocket for that con man.

Be warned cube fans.


  • Many thanks .sounds like a case for the police seeing as its a very unique car.and hopefully you payed by a card which will be protected against fraudulent people which they can trace
  • did you go on your own ?<div>do you know where he lives ?</div><div>get the old bill involved !</div><div>good luck.</div><div>ic1</div>
  • Police not too worried, ah well. Was advised to go through small claims, but could end up time consuming and tbh although £100 is alot, I'd rather put it behind me knowing I have warned as many people about him as poss, I report every ad I see of it now, yes I do look and yes I wanna make it as hard for him to sell as poss. If you see it just call him and offer him a hundy for it
  • Yeah that was the guy I sold it to, I guess this new dude is a complete tool. Damn!
  • You tried to buy your old car back? What exactly is wrong with the car? He's still trying to sell it for <span style="font-family: 'lucida grande', 'Lucida Sans Unicode', tahoma, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">£</span>2500 on Gumtree:<div><br></div><div></div>;
  • Yeah romantically wanted it back!! But it has dings around the body, rust forming in some.areas, loadsa paint fade looks like a scourer has been used, front bumper looks like its been hit, tinted rear window looks shit, interior was dirty and doggy, scratches all over the dash etc.... Could continue!
  • Fascinating. I am currently considering / looking fir my first cube. I read this thread a couple of nighs back. So today looking on gumtree - wow! Good miles, bang on budget, soinds great in the description..... Hang on a minute, that reg seems familiar... Yup and i so would have done what the o/p did n bang a deposit on it and travel a long way for me too. It looks great in the pictures, but ik you can never realky tell till you see it. But anyway THANKS for the post it has potentially saved me time and money! Bit disheartened now tho as im wondering if they are all a bit poney in my budget and im already on the fence about going from 260bhp to 96. I can see who the reputable importers are, but dont really want to go to £5k plus on what might be a moment of madness.
  • Hp no .it's all about the styling and the power of deception who need 0-60 when peoples heads turn quicker than the Doppler effect which gives the same as hp .
    Their a great car I done 220000 k m in my one no big problem just fuel pump and services
  • I just bought an absolute minter, 47000 miles, grade 4 fresh import, absolutely immaculate, better than most 1 yr old cars, 53 plate 70th anniversary ii, £2500, there are gems out there! Just be wary, I will never give a deposit again though, if it sells it sells! Good luck man
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