Cubic 2005 Rear Wiper is exactly the same as Micra

I just thought posting this may help someone in the future. My rear wiper was vandalised and broken in 2 pieces. Of course I immediately started looking on the net for a replacement. Tried all possible places but failed. Until I visited a Nissan dealer in Hanwell London. I showed them the broken piece and I also pointed out the Micra rear wiper looks similar. They took off the Micra one and it is identical.<div><br></div><div>PART NO: 28781-3U020 ARM ASSY-REAR W</div><div>Price: £28.71 +VAT</div>


  • Thats good just a pointer there are 2 types of micra one metal 1 plastic got my one from a breakers £5 thanks for part numbets good work
  • Mine is the plastic type. I tried looking around eBay and forums. I could not find any second hand stuff. I shall post a picture when I find out how to do it.
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