springs change legs rear


  • Did a right up that phil has put on the main site, www.nissancubeownersclub.com<div><br></div><div>Have to say if your taking care and being sensible this is one of the easiest 'big' mods you can do to your cube and if you can borrow a set of spring compressors you'll save loads over garage fees. even buying a set of compressors should still save as they are about £30 or so from machine mart.</div>
  • I ok in mods been on the tools for 40+ years just loaded it for other. Just one big fact is doing it right as if care is not taken lose of fingers or life is very real. Seen the finger one not nice .
  • It's a good video, I was surprised at just how easy it was. Like you say important to be methodical and careful as you go. I ran out of thread lock whilst working and one of the drop links came loose after a fortnight!
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    Locate yes .Had a diy customer phone up in the garage before xmas to be recovered .he had change front hub and wheel brg . To a very big cost he lost the whole lot on the local bypass. The bottom ball joint has a recess around it to locate the bolt . The bolt was not in the hole he had forgot to put it in . It still layed under his bonnet thus the car came to stop and done in all that side wing door floor and leg hub lower arm and wheel a simple mistake and he done the hard thing by pressing out the old brging luck no one was in the way when the car came of and mounted the curb . Live and learn. Learn to live.
  • oooh that doesn't sound like fun!
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