Micra K12 Engine Compatibility CR14 DE- Update Yes it does fit!

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Hi does anyone know for sure if the CR14 DE Micra engine from the manual gearbox will fit into the Gen2 Cube?<div><br></div>


  • Engines are the same dude. So i imagine it would.
  • Hi guys, just to let you know I was getting overheating temp light on and loosing water through back pressure, flooding out of the overflow tank. <div>Suspected head gasket job, had a few prices and was looking around £600/700 just for the head skimming and replacement gasket! most garages were a pain and said the usual, got to get the gasket from Japan, rubbish although I said it was the same as a K12 Micra. <div><br></div><div>So I tried the temporary fix using K-Seal £9, (no effect) then tried the SteelSeal £35 and yet again no effect other than pushing out loads of the stuff on to the gearbox and Electrics housing.</div><div><br><div>My cubes done 161K now I've had it for 2 and a bit years and I love it to bits, thought about getting a gen3 but not enough available funds, and do prefer the gen2, I would have gone for another gen2 but I have the leather interior and couldn't afford to get the new gen 2 to the same spec and didn't fancy the seat changeover!</div><div><br></div><div>So bit the bullet and bought a 29,000 miles Micra k12 engine CR14DE £480 inc delivery, hoping that it is the same, and yes most of it is the same other than:</div><div>• One bolt positioning top left next to the oil filler cap this shouldn't matter though. </div><div>• The oil pressure switch is larger still fits in fine.</div><div>• One of the plugs at the bottom of the engine was different but the guys left the new engine with the plug on so was easy to match up the wires.</div><div><br></div><div>My mechanic charged £250 in total for replacing engine, engine oil & transmission fluid, now she's running sweet again and with only 29K on the engine hope to keep her for another 115k. I'll keep you updated with any changes but 3 days on and you can feel the difference between the old and newer engine, sharper and cleaner acceleration and a little more power it seems whether this is due to it been a newer engine or not who knows.</div></div><div><br></div><div>I found no ref on the net and no luck finding someone that had actually put the micra engine in the cube so I hope this helps anyone that was considering getting rid of their cube due to the expensive cost of a Skim and gasket on a high miles engine.</div><div><br></div><div>Yes it can be done! </div></div>
  • Excellent news, nice update. :)
  • Good to know! Cheers Barron.
  • Following the nightmares I'm having sorting timing chain and vvt sprocket issues it would have worked out cheaper for me to get a replacement engine and have it fitted. :/
  • Hi just a matter of interest would the old rocker cover fit the micra engine and then the bolt hole would line up ? Just a thought
  • Hi yes probably but I didn't get it with the new engine so used the cube one, not sure if any plugs were different
  • Im about to head down this path aswell, got the dreaded dash gurgles on start up and under load so I bit the bullet and got a 17,000KM K12 engine from a wreckers (only $440 aussie dollars :) ) and hope to have it all swapped over in the next few weeks. Thanks for posting the info Barron<br>
  • Good luck with the work Trent. :)
  • <span class="Apple-style-span">No problem Radpants! My cubes still running great </span>2.5k so far <span class="Apple-style-span">so I'm sure everything will go smoothly ,just keep att the bits from your old engine if poss!</span>
  • Well the engine swap has been done, and was honestly alot easier than i thought it was going to be. It took my brother and I 1 full day to do. Going to get some new atf today and ill be able to fire the little beast back up again.<br>
  • Great news, when you fill the ATF don't worry if you don't get the recommended 7 ltr in I only managed to get 3-4 ltr in as there is loads left on the transmission that doesn't drain out, I ran it for a couple of thou and drained it again then topped it up.
  • <br>well after a slight hiccup with a dirty injector rail my little cube is alive and running again, heaps smoother and alot quieter, so far im a happy transplanter
  • Good news :)
  • Nice info. Ive just brought a salvage micra k12 to do a engine swap into my cube. :-)
  • Engine swap update!
    Just approaching 200k mark on clock the engine has been running great until about 3 weeks ago, lumpy start up and camshaft sensor error code, I thought the worst and read all about timing chain stretch even on low miles micro engines, thought I may have to Px my ride! Arghh so I did a service oil filter and plugs made no difference, next to try was fuel filter / sensor, luckily I kept hold of the old engine and it had the camshaft sensor still on so whipped it out and tried it, worked a dream, my nightmare over! Here's to another 200k, so just a mention to say:
    if you have camshaft sensor fault
    engine light on
    lumpy on startup
    change the sensor first £16 on eBay 2 min to change.

    Worked great for me!
  • Hi all, just wanted to share that my cube3 has also undergone a Micra CR14DE and auto transmission swap.

    Considering for years I had a very slow oil leak between the motor and trans on my original motor (so slow I never had drips on my driveway), & the ODO has more or less been confirmed to have been wound back, I suspect my cube has travelled 200k+ kms. It only made sense to make sure the new transmission AND motor were the same age and travelled the same kms. Lucky I found a wrecker selling a 2009 Micra motor and trans.

    Based on the auction data on the wreckers computer (which i took a photo of) all the serial numbers confirmed that my trans and motor came from the same car and it had only travelled 24888kms before I bought it.
  • On a side note, with the original motor/trans, i thought I observed a strange behaviour in the revs as I head towards 60kms/h. With the new motor and trans swapped, my car still does the exact same thing? Guess it is normal.
  • Just out of interest, did your engines come from manual cars and fit straight into the cube?
  • Such an interesting read! Comforting to know too that possibilities exist if the engine runs into serious problems. Thanks for sharing this!<br>
  • Yup, sourced a cr14de from a uk manual micra - does work ok...<br>
  • This is fantastic to know by the way, we all hope this never happens but to some of us it unfortunately will, thanks for the constant updates this is great!
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