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Hi all I am new to the cube world but we have recently bought a baby blue and mat black jap import cube on an 03?<div>We have owned the veichle for 3 weeks, 2 of the weeks the car has been off the road with overheating issues, to the point that the engine management light has gone off...</div><div>One garage has said the head gasket needs doing but this was only done 7 months ago?</div><div>The garage 2 has said the head gasket is fine but might have a cracked block or head....</div><div>We are gutted..... The car ticks over fine but as soon as you drive it overheats and pushes through the expanction tank.....</div><div>The water pump id fine</div><div>The radiator has been removed and treated</div><div>Its been flushed and new coolant</div><div>Its had steal seal but nothing?</div><div>I will be ordering a new engine tomorrow if I get no help on here?</div><div>Thanks all </div><div><br></div><div>Very frustrated Jason </div>


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    Have you check stat. If head or gasket Has gone a sniff test is needed to check .dose cooling fans cut in
    Also do you get loads of bubbles in rad top wen removed and watch ing it wen its running . If bubbles def o head gasket if not check stat and and fan is working also I have herd of the water pump impelers failing .
  • Any mayonnaise under the oil cap?
  • no mayonaise<div>Stat being checked tonight?</div><div>what is the sniff test... its had the dye in the tube to change colour and nothing?</div><div>dont know about bubbles in rad top when removed </div><div>brand new water pump.... I recon its a cracked head or block ;(</div>
  • If you had die test /sniff test done and it shoe up no colour change there is no cracked block /head and there will be no bubbles as the bubbles would be full of gas leaking from compresson sounds more like flow trouble dose your intiour heater get hot?
  • <p>Welcome to the club Jason.</p><p>Sorry to hear about your problems, hope you get it sorted out okay. :(</p><p>My engine will be up for sale in a couple of months time if you could wait and would be happy with a second hand one?</p>
  • I have bought a new engine today.... Rather than paying someone hours for them to look at the head and the block?<div>The head gasket was done 7 months ago but i bought the cube from a 70 something year old so I recon it was run dry,very short trips. It was just sods law that I bought it and it went again....</div><div>apparantly it will cost less for an engine than paying someone to take the head off and have it sent away to be skimmed and pressure tested.....</div><div><br></div><div>Toaster I have checked the cooling system over again and again I cannot find a blockage anywhere....</div><div>New engine it is ;( but at least its from a 2010 Nissan note with only 15000 miles on the clock.... Fingers crossed </div><div><br></div>
  • I want to post a picture of my cube but its saying its too big (lol) how do I make it smaller (lol again)...<div><br></div>
  • Just to let everyone know my car has gone to 3 different garages and no one can sort my problem out.... Its so frustrating. I wish I knew more about cars to tackle these issues myself....<div><br></div>
  • Easier way drop your meger pix rate down on camera .or edit in a phote edit thingy .
    Also see if you can keep old engine as well you never know if you need a bit
  • <div>Shame you've had probs mate. Have you gone for the 1.6 from the Note, or another 1.4?</div><div><br></div><div><span style="font-size: 10pt;">As for pictures, if you use Facebook, upload the pic there, view it and right click. Select copy image URL, then when doing a post on here, there's a little 'add pic' icon along the top. Click that and paste the URL into the box. Job done.</span></div><div><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><br></span></div><div><span style="font-size: 10pt;">Don't worry if it looks a little too big, the fourm software will scale it down to fit better. ;)</span></div><div><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><br></span></div><div><span style="font-size: 10pt;">Oh and welcome!</span></div>
  • Brilliant thanks guys.... Yes I'm going for another 1.4 because when the cube is running its amazing on fuel......
    A little chuffed that I will have a 2010 engine in by the weekend and hopefully running....
    Thanks again for all your help...
    I've had a T5 and a T4, amazing scooby s but nothing puts a smile on my face more than my cube.... Everyone loves looking at my cube, it's a crowd puller
  • Here is my baby $-)
  • Oooh. Same colour as mine. The black detailing is interesting. Certainly different! :)
  • yes its mat black... its defiantly different :)
  • Look forward to seeing a bit more of it when you're back up & running.<div><br></div>
  • Lets hope so %-(
  • Ah! I recognise it now. Remember seeing it for sale on eBay a lil' while back. Liked the black strip on the bonnet edge.
  • <p>Looks good. I quite like the pick-up look it gives from a distance. </p><p>Shame the asymmetric(sp) look is lost though.</p>
  • Hi Jason, did you get the note engine fitted? How much did you end up spending on the new engine and fitting? And was there any extra bits needed to fit in the cube? I was considering doing the same
  • our cube engine fits with micra/march k12 1.4 and nissan note e11. :) mine have overheat also....but change the thermostate then goes back to normal. now i have problem with the radiator leaking....need to send service lter....<div><br></div><div>shymz_2000@yahoo.com</div><div>www.kenyalag.net</div>
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