my first sighting

Saw a pearl white cube driving through Cwmcarn on the way to Risca about 4pm today. Was it anyone on here. Eurobob, was it you hun?


  • You'd know Bob's if you saw it. It's Braaaahn! :)
  • Oh yes, he did tell me. Aint spoken to him for a while as dont come on here often. Are you on the facebook cube club? Theres quite a few of us on there and its easier to use than this site. Me and technology not very good :(
  • Im on here lots! just been on 7 weeks of nights so bit sketchy at the mo, nope it wasnt me cath, may have been tawke, hes just up the road from me in cwmbranistan and hes as white as snow! (im choccyfantastic!) 8)

    Taz/cath, you going to Japfest?
  • Hi you. Id forgotten yours was brown. Maybe it was Tawke. Wish id been in my baby and not hubbys laguna. T was so exciting to see another cube though and hubby thought id gone nuts lol. Too be honest ive only just heard from one of the fellas on the facebook club about the japfest. I guess its where u go to meet other cubes and see other types of japanese cars. Hope im right or you will think im a right idiot:-) Will have to read up on it. Dont know where or when either so cant say if i will be there. If i can get there i probably will.:-))
  • Bob, I've reserved a spot with Peashooter and will get a ticket. Not 100% if I can make it yet though. Hope so!
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