New Tints New Name

Just had some new tints put on the Cube here are some photos. Wanted it fully blacked out at the back but can still see through so back to the tint shop to get that fixed i think.

New name '' Sumo Cube'' after the new graphic i put on. Fits in wiv the Jap theme and seems to suit. This name thing not easy lol X-D



  • Looks quality!

    Did you design the sumocube sticker yourself?

    Is that a rearview camera I spot? hehe
  • Thanks Dude

    The Sumo graphic was off ebay

    And yes that is a reversing camera, well spotted :ugeek:

  • I'm thinking of getting one of those, what have you got it hooked up too?
  • Looking good, even wearing a Jap t-shirt I see. :D
  • all looking real kool man :)

    im loving those chrome rear light covers....where you live...or park the car at night...i may pay it a visit..(joke) ;)

    but yeah nice chrome going on :)

    RF :D
  • looking good! 8-)

    they look so much better with darkened rear windows
  • Thanks guys
    Got the cam hooked into my in dash dvd player. This is it in action.

    Superdry t-shirt to keep the Jap theme goin. Bit small for me now tho lol.

  • Awsome dude. I think the Cube is one of only a very few cars that can pull off tinted windows with out looking chavy. X-D
  • Very nice cube! i do believe i took it for a test drive! you get it in glos? :D
  • [quote="Eurobob":ca5c9]Very nice cube! i do believe i took it for a test drive! you get it in glos? :D

    Soz for l8 reply m8.

    Yeah did get it from glos the guy had 3 others as well.

    why you not buy this one?

  • Nearly did! Was faffing about for weeks deciding then saw a 2005 facelift version in bristol (CID) and took that for a spin and talked my wife into letting me spend more cash than first planned! He did have six! Ive seen the grey-bluey one with black stripes about glos (work up there) too in last few weeks (might have been next to yours, it did have nismo alloys on it i think.
    Love the chrome goodies! :D
  • The only ones i remember were mine, a light blue one and one with a factory fitted sunroof.

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