how to make the office cozy

We moved into a new office about a month ago. Already the team is located, furniture and equipment are arranged. But there is not enough comfort in our office. It's all too pathetic. How can you change the office and make it more comfortable?


  • The office is an office. It's at home you can put sofas, poufs. Hang on the walls of the picture, arrange flowers. A lot of things are forbidden in our office.
  • Sofas and poufs are not suitable for offices. It's more for residential areas. You can use corporate photos and company certificates to bark the office. Very harmoniously in the office space fit flowers. It's hard for me to imagine my office without flowers. I love the flowers on the windows and stands in our office. They please and give happiness. Buying flowers in the office is not expensive. You can buy plastic planter boxes at a 7% discount on the welcome7 promo code
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