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I had a stone smack into my windscreen 3 weeks ago to the day, right in front of my driver's view so it couldn't be resin repaired.

Autoglass have been to my work and replaced the windscreen for a shiny new one today.

Luckily I had £60 windscreen excess so that's all I had to pay, not sure how much the cost would have been otherwise but I was impressed in how quickly the windscreen arrived considering they had to order it in from Japan.

Double bonus is that there was already a fixed chip in my windscreen when I bought the car so this is the first time I've had a perfect windscreen. :)

I wonder how long it will last. :?


  • Didnt know any window companies could do this !
    But what a saving you've had :)

  • Strange cause auto glass wanted £675 plus my £450 cover from insurance.
  • Strange, I'm insured with Highway Insurance and when you phone their glassline number you go straight through to Autoglass who repair for free if it's not in the main drivers view section or replace for the insurance windscreen excess if an MOT failing chip.

    If you've got windscreen cover best to contact your insurance first rather than the glass company.

    My policy stated I was only covered upto £400 if I went through any company other than autoglass so maybe your insurance company have a tie-in with another glass company?
  • Just checked, my insurance company use National windscreens. I didn't know Highway insured Cubes, I think whn its renewal time I'll give them a call cause I insure my mini with them.
  • Try direct line, swapped from the scenic straight over to the cube with not a quibble, 320 fully comp, 400 excess, 75 quid windcreen. Fo`shizzle! :ugeek:
  • Well I said in my original post i wonder how long it will last and it lasted about 6 weeks.

    A nice 12" crack is now gracing my windscreen. :(

    luckily this time autoglass have one in the UK so another replacement is being fitted tomorrow.

    Anyone know if riot van shields are legal?
  • X-D Not a clue but would look awsome.
  • New screens are about £540 + vat from Nissan and our local main dealer had one in stock when I spoke to him !
  • I need a new screen. CID dothem for 400 + vat + postage.
  • £400 is ok...cheaper than NIssan dealer but I'd never ever trust a courier with a windscreen. At work we offer them as collection only.
  • [quote="The_Ronster":33289]Strange cause auto glass wanted £675 plus my £450 cover from insurance.
    Same here Ron, but as i said at the time, luckily.... luckily they managed to fix the chip!!!!!!
  • Can also recommend Autoglass. When my windscreen cracked (massive right down the middle) I thought I'd have to pay a fortune to source/repair it. Called Autoglass via my insurance (Direct Line) & they replaced it within 48 hours for £70 excess. Bargain. No issues with trying to source it, and the fitter was impressed as he's worked for Autoglass for 17 years & had never done a Cube.

    Great service from Autoglass from start to finish.
  • The autoglass guy near my work is a cube expert now - he's done my car 3 times in 2 years! :o
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