Stuck in France! ESCL failure

Hi everyone, I saw I really helpful discussion on here about the notorious ESCL failure but now I've joined the forum, I can't find it, of course.... My Jan 2010 Cube just suddenly failed with the key not being recognised by the ignition system (opens doors etc) local Nissan garage diagnosed the Electronic Steering lock failure as the issue but said they couldn't repair since the part was not available in the whole of France(!) - said they'd need to order from Japan (6-8 weeks). I found and ordered one through (£560). These guys seemed genuinely helpful, expedited shipment to France etc. Nissan garage now claiming the part is second hand as they can't get it to recognise the key!? I suspect they don't know what they are doing - but kind of hard to tell them that... Maybe the part is faulty? It's the D part (not suspect A or B). Either way I am a little desperate as we are due to drive home on Sunday (three days time). Does anyone have any helpful advice? Is there someone I can speak to in the UK - Nissan mechanic? Do any of these bypass videos on YouTube work - if so would the garage be prepared to do that for me? I have no tools here. I've seen how you reprogram the keys on an Altima, with the reprogramming tool - but the Altima also has a slot for the fob as well - I don't think the Cube has this? Any ideas Please?


  • Overwhelmed by the huge response to my plea for help... hey ho. I'm going to press on regardless in case this is useful for someone else in the same predicament. My car had been working fine. I made two local trips, then on the third trip - the family all got into the car to return to our apartment and the car wouldn't start. The proximity key opened the doors, unlocked the central locking but seemed not to permit the ignition to start. I took the fuse from the ignition circuit and changed it to prove that functioned, I removed the battery leads and reattached them, thinking that this may reset the system to allow the car to recognise the key again. all to no avail. To cut the story down somewhat - searching on the net - and in no small part, thanks to this forum - I started to suspect this common fault with the Electronic steering column lock. The lock fails (or the circuit board therein) and this prevents you from turning on the ignition.This diagnosis was later confirmed by two Nissan garages. The part supplied via the third party from Nissan UK was defective. Still trying to get my money back for that. In the interim, having been without my car for two months(!), I now have it back having paid £796 to have a second ESCL fitted. The car in the end was repatriated by AA insurance, then spent over two weeks on the forecourt of my local Nissan garage until they could fit it in to fix it... very prolonged and arduous experience.
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