IPDM and Electric Steering Lock Issues

Sorry if you have previously read this on Facebook group. Nissan Cube Z12 1.6 Kaizen 2010. Went to start it after 30mins stood. Totally dead. Orange KEY light, orange foot pedal light and red car key light. Changed key battery. Nothing. Took into Nissan and they say initially need new IPDM £380. That may not fix it as still may need the electric steering lock and could be another £640. So the £380 IPDM made no difference. I found an elec steering lock on ebay and collected the car back from Nissan. Fitted the steering lock box and tried to start. The dash all lights up (which didnt before) but it didn’t start but radio was asking for a security code. I thought that was the only problem but having just found a code i went back to the car and it is dead again. All the same lights as before. Only difference is that the new steering lock has locked on the steering. Back to square one and £500 down so far. Spoke to Nissan again and they are basically clueless and of course say that they steering lock I bought was also faulty. Chances are slim as the dash initially lit up. Next step may be to get an auto electrician to look at it.
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