Odd ball radio/sat-nav in my cube

Hy everyone I am a complete novice at this sort of thing so please be patient.i have just bought a 2009 , Japanese import cube, , it is a Z12, 1490cc petrol automatic. IT is fitted with a NISSAN 28090 , IFAOA D, MODEL No. NA 7W-8100 JP. PART NAME DISPLAY ASSY-NAVIGATION . SERIAL No. 81201993. XNAVI INFORMATICS CORPORATION. THIS UNIT IS a double din , and obviously all in Japanese, I am seeking ,help,advice on how to replace it with a PIONEER AVIC- F9770DAB, unfortunately the audio specialist I have used when they saw the back of the radio ,and the multitude of plugs in it , threw their hands in the air and muttered can of worms. I have seen a couple of cube radio sat/nav units on ebay, when ive sent them the picture of the back of unit, we have nothing like that. Could any body please advise, .regards Ginner
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