HELP - rear door damaged by another vehicle - cube3 - lavender metallic

GRRRRR - some idiot has backed into the rear door drivers side of my 2003 gen 2 cubic! It was immaculate. Any idea where I can get a replacement door and fitted near Bristol/bath? Anyone?? Has anyone got one? Or breaking one? GUTTED!


  • Thought I'd update this thread in case anyone needs advice later on.
    Dan at nissancube dot co dot uk was a superstar. They break cubes and had a bare salvaged rear door for our cubic at a very reasonable price. It's being packed onto a pallet and delivered to our body shop direct. We had two quotes for the bodywork, both advised it needed a new door AND the panels to each side of the door respraying. Both quotes around £500 plus the door. Fortunately the idiot that backed into the car came forward and agreed to pay for the work - so we won't be out of pocket which was very honest and commendable and a relief. Our excess was £500 which was a surprise, but it's not going through insurance. Hope that helps someone else.
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