Z10 (Gen1) Alpha Cube HKS turbo

Hi guys

I've got a Z10 cube to use parts for mine but already have a turbo kit etc so got quite a few parts for sale.

A quick run-down, can send pics and include more details for interested parties and I'm on the Micra forum as well as Retro-rides etc if anybody want's to deal with me directly on any of those.

HKS turbo kit- everything included to run low boost- direct bolt on. HKS manifold, actuator, Garret t2, sump, hardpipes, HKS FCON mini £650
JDM DBS alloys in white £450
CGA3 parts- ask
CVT box £100
Bucket seat rail £50
Aftermarket front bumper £100

It's a full car so if you need any parts just ask

Here's my email for direct contact Chananddave at live.co.uk



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