Left side handbrake cable

My mechanic is struggling to fit our left side handbrake cable. It took three weeks to arrive from Nissan and they sent the right side cable. Nissan have promised that one would arrive tje next day but that hasn't happened. Is there anyone that I could order one from or might the Cube cable be the same as any other model? I have a 2010 1.5 petrol Cube. Thanks.


  • Hello. I had the same problem getting that part. Every time we tried to order the part it would come as the opposite side we wanted, apparently there is an issue with the blueprint for this so only one side exits out there, even though the part numbers match, it turns out to be the wrong side. Hopefully your mechanic still has the old cable that needs replacing. Get in touch with a company I think are based in Wales, they're call speedy cables, they will ask you to send them your old cable and they will make you a new one, happy days. And absolutely loads cheaper the going through Nissan, as always. Dealers are a last resort u find. Hope this helps.
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