First cube fresh off the ship

Hi everyone, new here to the forum and to the cube. I purchased a cube cubic a few months ago and have just picked it up today. My partner bought a elgrand last year so we have imported before. The elgrand we got through beforward and we have had absolutely no problems with it it's an absolute beauty. I wanted to go through the same company for the cubic but my partner advised against it and we went through an agent instead. I am so disappointed it's a wreck it's filthy and cracked with nobs falling off the battery was totally dead which is to be expected I suppose but I paid exactly the same price as the elgrand and to be honest it looks like a car wreck. Anyway totally new to this so is there anyway of replacing the cracked dashboard? And is there a way of getting new seat covers etc... is there a cheap way of doing this say do Nissan micra covers and parts fit or will I have to import all these things? The interior boot door is really badly scratched as well. So sorry to be an absolute misery but it's my first ever car and I was so looking forward to it. Also it's a 2007 cube cubic 1.5

Thanks for listening.

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