2004 nissan cube for sale

Our well loved is for sale. This is a 100% honest listing- we’ve owned this for around 8yrs. Its been mechanically well maintained as its our family transport. Our other vehicle is a v8 trike- not ideal for doin the shoppin! Now im no mechanic but i know the central locking isnt 100%, sometimes the rear doors lock and sometimes not. Also this is by putting the key in the drivers door as i got fed up keep puttin batteries in the key. There is various scratches, bumps, scrapes etc it may well be recorded on hpi as it was involved in a minor bump years back, had a new rear bumper fitted. There is a chip in that bumper. It changes upto 2nd with a bit of a kick. Its always been like this as far as i recollect, i have had the gearbox oil changed but it made no difference. Its a mettalllic silver with scruffy black steel wheels and brand new shiney wheel nuts. Maybe 6-7 months ago my mechanic put what i think is called Kseal in it? Had a bit of a running issue, he did this, sorted since. Its motd til march ‘19. It is far from mint but is still a good car. Gutted to be getting rid of it but just treated my wife to a new car to chear her up whilst recovering from breast cancer.
This is a 100% genuine listing and i only want 100% genuine responses. Ya can text me on 07999866646 george. I am away tomorrow til sunday but just testing the water. If ya text me ill get back to ya sunday at some point. Cheers George
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