1.5 CVT Box wanted, please help!!!

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1.5 CVT gearbox has expired on my Cubic3
Help!!!! Have relatives Coming to stay with us in a months time so can’t be without a car.
Hoping to be able to purchase a used box and fit it by then.
If anyone knows of anything For sale pleas help


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    <div>RE0F08A is the Transmission model</div><div>YGZ11</div><div><br></div><div>Could a mod please remove my other thread, created due to latency on my network, and me getting excited with the mouse button :-) </div>Tel: 07903688430
  • Hi if you can find the build plate on box and Google it .or go on Nissan epc site you may find some info like that I have deleted thread .
  • The gearbox on my cube sounds like food blender with a handful of nuts and bolts in it, lost all drive forward and back.
    If it was a 1.4 (micra) Cube I would be a lot happier right now :((
    Sourcing a gearbox for the 1.5 cube is proving nigh on impossible....
    Car has only been in the country 6 months and I may have to scrap it with only 50000 miles on the clock.
  • Bought a gearbox, £400
    Any advice on draining the system before I fit the new box? I suppose fit the new box, fill it with oil then run the engine a couple of times with the return oil hose disconnected to clear out the matrix and pipework ?
  • i would remove oil cooler /rad and fluch for defo before fitting new gearbox and all lines to and from box would be a good idea 
  • Aaaaagggggghhhhhhuuuuuuu!!!!!!
    Looks like the gearbox I bought is a month previous to my gearbox ☹️
    My box part no is 310201XB1D
    And box I have bought is 310201XB1A
    One letter different at the end.
    The two boxes look identical but I’m guessing if I fit this new box the controll module is going to get its arse in its hand?
    Anyone had any experience with this?

  • After some extensive youtube research it appears quite simple to swap over the modules attached to the valve body.
  • Worked perfectly! Removed the module from my broken gearbox and fitted it to the replacement gearbox. Cube is now running better than ever, MPG has improved by around 25%
  • That's awesome that it worked so cleanly :-) Well done. Improved fuel consumption is impressive, your old gearbox must have been absolutely ruined!
  • Managed a 47mpg driving like an old lady, but hovering around the 39mpg most of the time.
    On the previous box was getting around 34mpg at very best.
  • good boy glad it worked out for you and cube
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