Newbie needs help with insurance

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Hello to all, picked up my cube last night a replacement for an automatic micra. my insurer Churchill despite saying everything was fine before the purchase then refused when I had done the deal and was sat 60 miles from home with nothing but a phone signal. I had to get quick insurance so called a company Adrian flux I knew would get me home as I had a modified 4x4 with them in my youth slight problem the price was twice my normal for the micra. Hardly what I expected for a chap near 50 with a clean driving licence max no claims etc.

Any suggestions for a good tried and tested insurer would be great I just seem to get the office moron when I try


  • what cube is it ?<div>if its not an import esure are a good bet,get a quote online.</div>
  • Hi, it’s a cube 3 Japanese import I’m the first U.K. owner and loving every moment in it
  • I am with direct line and 53 and 275£
  • Jap import puts a fair few insurers off as it's a non-UK car. Not that it makes much difference in most cases. Adrian Flux did me a fairly good deal to be honest, but I'd do a check round google for the Japanese car specialists. I stuck with Adrian Flux because I've got several vehicles with them, but it is still probably twice as much as a UK Micra for me.
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