Blue Coolant light intermittent fault

I have had a issue with the blue coolant light on the dashboard. First on a cold night it can take up to 6/7 miles to go out, second I have had the coolant light come on after going downhill then after a few miles go out, third the heater never feels hot compared to my van. Today going down hill the light came on, then after about a mile went out. By the time got home (about 2 miles) the heater was blowing very warm air out, lifted the bonnet and the top hose was hot to touch and the bottom hose was warm as well. Been to my local garage he says it is the sensor, I am not convinced. Has anyone out there got any ideas.


  • By the way has anyone fitted a temp gauge to their cubes? Forgot to mention it is a 2006 BZ11 1.4 engine.
  • Afraid not on either count but I wouldn't have thought a temp guage addition would be to hard as it's normally just cutting a hose dropping in a sensor and running the cables to the cabin to mount the guage. They are fairly generic if you can sort the correct hose size for the sensor.
  • After some thought and talking to another garage I am going to replace the thermostat. Thermostat on order so we will see what happens.
  • I was thinking that sounds like thermostat to me, but if the top and bottom hoses were hot that might not be it, could be the sensor. Hopefully the thermostat will sort it as it's relatively cheap and easy!
  • What trouble I am having in trying to get a thermostat for it. The Japanese part number is 21200/AX000 which is the same as the Match/ Micra, but that number is not recognised in the UK. So I have gone for the standard Micra thermostat, got one from my local factors made by First Line No FTK003 which is listed for a 1.4 Micra. It doesn’t fit diameter is 53mm and there is no seal with a slot inside supplied. Tried to fit with the old seal and it just leaked coolant. I contacted FirstLine technical department to inform of this. They tried to wriggle out of it by saying a Cube had A different engine to the Micra. I told them no it was the same engine type and number. They are going to check it out and told me to return the thermostat for a refund. I have now ordered the thermostat on line from Mister Auto, which says it is a 54mm pipe diameter complete with seal. So we will see what arrives tomorrow. It seems if you don’t have a Number Plate that’s recognised on their system they are then stuck. I worked in car parts for 8 eight year back in the days when we stocked everything and some times we had to do a bit of digging to get the correct No, this was back in the days of 2 different braking systems Girling and Lockheed with 2 different brake fluids.
  • Engine parts are the same, I can’t remembe part number from when we did my thermostat sorry, with motor factors I normally find it keeps their system happy if they run it thro as 1.4 micra SE auto.
  • That’s what I did. I have just got a email from DHL saying my part will be delivered on 12/03 not 8/03 as they said this morning, so I am going to have to look further afield.
  • They probably just supplied the wrong thing. I bought a fuel filter for my BMW from Eurocarparts, when it was delivered it looked wrong to me, and sure enough, it didn't fit at all. Took it back and they said "oh sorry, that's for a Ford Focus". Hmm. Moral of the story, do as you have done and verify as much as you can before you order! What a faff!
  • Hi according to First Line catalogue FTK003 is correct for a Nissan Micra but it doesn’t have the valve at the top nor does it have the correct seals enclosed. We are now in Thursday afternoon and no thermostat, according to DHL it is supposed to be delivered Monday even though I paid extra for it to be delivered Thursday
  • Thermostat arrived today (minus seal) also the coolant. Nice sunny day to do the job. As I had damaged the seal the other day trying to fit a incorrect thermostat I decided to use some instant gasket and the seal. Job is now completed, went for a run blue light went out by the bottom of the lane and the heater is now blowing very hot air compared to before when it was lukewarm. One happy Cube and owner. Now to get the Jack sorted it has a Toyota one instead of Nissan.
  • Awesome, great news. It's so satisfying when you fix a problem like that. I spent ages chasing wires trying to fix the radiator fan which wouldn't come on. Such a relief when it finally clicked and whooshed as the fan came on. Woo!
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