Exhaust systems

Looking to replace the exhaust on my Cvt cubic, I’d rather not increase the noise but to replace the cat, this has taken so much abuse being lowered, it’s giving up & that joint blows from being hit on speed bumps. I’m on the south coast.


  • the closes uk exhaust is a micra k12 i just did my one had to weld on a flange to bolt to cat apart from that straight on
  • I’m not 100% sure if I should decat or not, looked on eBay K12 micra looks direct replacement & cheap. Certainly needs something now, after posting the question I found the backbox was only held on by the hanger
  • the k12 is slightly shorter than the cubic so needs a small infill piece (regular cube is direct K12 swap) but aside from that that's the part you want.
  • Yep I did the K12 exhaust onto my Cube, and just took out the second cat. Emissions passed absolutely fine, and I don't notice it being any louder at all. For the Cubic it will be more tricky, but I assume only the centre pipe will be different? In which case, can you keep the one you have and just replace the front and rear sections?
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    Thank you, really helpful. I’ve found somewhere that’s willing to make me a pipe but have asked for photo of my existing system to work from. I think decat is gonna be the way to go. May have to ask on Facebook if anyone has a photo of a cubic system.
  • Most decent exhaust places are happy to make you an exhaust, provided you have the old one. A friend of mine dropped his old exhaust off (the car was having the engine rebuilt), and they built a matching one from that. The new one then just mounted straight on, a satisfying moment.
  • First cat been changed, I’ll try driving in and seeing if my local exhaust places can make me one, cheers.
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