Eibach sportline

Alright all. I was originally was going for the Megan racing springs but fancy using a more trusted brand instead now. I know the sportline have a slightly more aggressive drop than the pro kit so want to go with those instead. Just wondering if anyone knows of a decent place to order from or is there no real difference in price when ordering direct from Eibach? I know this seems lazy of me to just ask on here but truth is I'm not too hot when it comes to using the internet, so would appreciate the help.


  • Should maybe mention I have a Gen 3.
  • I didn't see a huge amount of difference ordering direct from eibach from memory. not many places offered them cheaper other than ebay but you take your chances avoiding the ebay knock off merchants where it's not eibachs your getting.
  • I've bought Eibach bits before and going direct was no cheaper. I got them from a specialist for my M5 and got them slightly cheaper than going direct.
  • I was thinking even if there is a bit of a price difference I'm just going to order direct, at least I know I'm getting the real deal. Cheers. Do they have the sportline for the gen3? When I look it just comes up as the pro kit.
  • Ok. Can't seem to get hold of the sport line in the UK for what ever reason. On the owners club website, going back to the start of it, the lowering your cube bit says sport line springs are used so they must be available for us somewhere. I even got a part number from Eibach.co.uk 4.9563, but can only find them in the US and Can't find any options to ship them over? It's doing me nut in now!
  • i had the same problem with trw rear shocks, i had a correct part number from usa websites but no one listed them.<div>i did find a place that contacted trw europe & they ordered them for me from germany, you have to speak to them </div><div>nicely though,why not fit h&r springs with a 40mm drop instead as an alternative(cheaper than eibach).</div><div>good luck.</div><div><br></div>
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