Starts But will not run....

My 2005 cube has been looked at and tinkered with for two months and still cuts out shortly after starting. I am at a loss what it could be.


  • If they've been through a lot of things then what we suggest could have already been covered. Bad earths throw up awkward issues to resolve often but that doesn't always allow the car to start in the first place. At the end of the day the gen 2 cube is a Nissan Micra engine so whatever they try should be as tyhey would for that. worst comes to the worst it's a K12 micra engine swap or contact Dan Bell on the facebook group and see if he has an alternative ecu
  • Sounds like an airflow or fuelling problem to me. If it dies shortly after starting it's almost certainly a fuel supply problem. Fuel pump and filters been checked? A lot of the time a dying pump will give you a little bit of flow but naff all pressure, so "residual fuel" gets it started, but the engine burns that and the pump can't supply enough to keep it going.
  • Ditto fuel pump simple and easy test ten minutes
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