Automatic transmission- gear box oil change - garage asking Qs can anyone advise please

The cubic is in the garage for a few things - worst one was the seized alternator.<br>I asked them to change the gearbox oil. They have had trouble finding out the correct information for the car, due to it being an import. They are asking how much oil it should take on a refill? can anyone advise please? I think I read somewhere about it being a gallon? Can anyone point me in the right direction for that information so that I can advise the garage. Thanks so much. Any tips would be good too. Thanks everyone. Oh and it's a great garage that really care, so I appreciate them being careful.<br>


  • What generation of cube and which gear box? If it's a cvt then you need very specific fluid (Nissan NS2 or NS3) and it takes 7.5l to flush properly. Regular Auto's are a bit simpler but I know less about them there are folks on the facebook group that would know.
  • It's the Gen 2 2003 1.4 4AT gearbox, so not the CVT. I don't do facebook. But thanks for the tip.<br>
  • Dan is on here but I can't recall his user name!
  • As a regular auto though it's exactly the same as the K12 auto gearbox so nothing complicated for them.
  • Thanks for the info. It hasn't been done this time. Seems that the alternator belt may have caused the rev flaring? All OK so will save the gear box oil change for next time.<br>
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