Squealing on startup and burning smell

Can anyone advise please. Our gen 2 has been standing about ten days. Started it today to loud stealing under bonnet and strong burning smell, switched it off. Smoky under Bonnet strong burning smell
But not clear where it's coming from. Started again with bonnet open, no squeak and smell dissipates so took it a hundred feet or so. But handbrake light is still on and wasn't happy driving it.
OH now tells me that the revs flared a couple of times on acceleration. Not kick down but odd? Any ideas anyone? It's been running fine otherwise? Thank you.


  • Squeal and burning smell sounds like belt slippage. That could be because the belts were covered in condensation and slipped, but could also be because something they're turning is a bit stiff. Either way, if it now starts and drives fine, I wouldn't be too worried. I'd get the belts checked and maybe changed at the next service though.<div><br></div><div>Handbrake light is probably because the handbrake shoes are stuck after being left for a while in damp weather. If you repeatedly put the handbrake on and off, does the light go on and off as well? If I have troubles with handbrakes sticking, I drive down my road for 100 yards or so at about 5mph with the handbrake lightly on, just to clean up the shoes a little. Hope this helps.</div>
  • Thanks so much for that, big help. That all makes sense, burning smell was very strong.<br>Handbrake light seems to be on all the time even when driving. <br>Any thoughts on the flaring of the rev counter, obvs something else. Threes but seems the first two aren't so bad, thank you.<br>
  • Flaring revs, forgot that one. That could be a problem. Do you have gear change buttons on your steering wheel? If so, could be the gearbox is on its way out. However, if you don't have the buttons, it could be that your gear selector isn't quite aligned - I have this on mine. I have to drive with the shifter in 2nd gear, for the gearbox to be in drive! Annoying but it works. Experiment with slowly shifting into drive, and see if it shifts "quite late" as you move the lever down. In that case it's just a cable needs adjusting I think - I've just lived with it on mine but really need to fix it!
  • Ah thank you. It's the 4AT auto box NOT the CVT, but a couple of times it hasn't wanted to go into Drive when first moving from Park so maybe that's waht's going on.<br>With the other two issues too, I think it's time Cuby Tuesday went for a service/belt change and gear box oil change?<br>Do you know what that cable is called? So I can advise garage to check it?<br>Thanks so much for your VERY helpful advice.<br>
  • A belt change and transmission fluid flush shouldn't be too expensive so well worth doing. I don't know if the cable has a specific name, but just explain to them that your gear selector cable needs adjusting as the shifter position and gear selected aren't quite 100%. And let me know what they do so I can do mine myself, lol. I should take my car in, but I'm away a lot and when I am home I need the car!
  • Yeah it's always a hassle finding time to take Cubey to the garage, but am no mechanic and he needs some TLC. He's not booked in for next week so will do that thank you.<br>
  • Update:<br>Fortunately we looked under the bonnet properly before we took CubyTues to garage. On further inspection you could see there was a belt hanging loose, so we called out the AA who advised that the alternator had seized but said it was OK to drive as the water pump was separate. AA followed OH to garage 20 miles away.<br>AA advised that the handbrake light might have been caused by alternator?<br>Garage says handbrake pads all OK.<br>Now Garage asking about the 4AT oil change. They are a bit worried as they don't normally do auto fluid change? Any advice anyone? I may do a separate thread. Thanks.<br>
  • Hmm there is "a way" to do auto fluid changes, which I'm sure a good search on here would find. I'm away and only have my phone or I'd have a look. I did a partial change of my fluid with fully synthetic oil from halfwords and it's been fine. I accidentally took the wrong sump plug out in the dark when I first got the car!
    Belt is weird, not had one just pop off before! Alternator failure normally shows as a red battery symbol rather than red exclamation mark for handbrake. Hope you can get that sorted ok, should be easy enough.
  • Thanks. I think the alternator had seized and snapped the belt.I have searched forum and can’t find a thread for the auto box? Is it the same auto box as K12 micra? Do you know? Thank you.
  • I believe it's the same gearbox. I know the fluid you need is Nissan Matic J, although I used some generic synthetic stuff as I said. From memory I think the gearbox takes 2.6 litres of oil in total. When I did my accidental flush I took the drain plug out, saw in the darkness that my "engine oil" was actually red transmission fluid, let it drain anyway, and then just topped the car up again. It's been fine since. A proper fluid flush is a more involved process I'm sure, but a partial fluid change was good enough for me.
  • Oh that's helpful thank you.<br>
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