the dead connect

well after all the work i have done on my cube the connect threw a fit the other day.<div>screen went blank then came back on ,then  off again.</div><div>next day it was working fine, then went blank,i checked the plugs to the unit(fine)</div><div>next time i went out in it it was working but no screen,locked car & when i walked up my drive i heard music.</div><div>it had a mind of its own it seems, it was on! ( this is voodoo)</div><div>its now unplugged sitting in the dash.</div><div>yes i know how much a new unit is,its not having one of the same,seen a few double dins i like</div><div>any suggestions ,any one fitted an aftermarket unit to a gen 3/z12.</div><div>repair of screen costs are £350.00.</div>


  • for an alternative head unit you'll need a harness adapter and a trim kit. Being a UK gen 3 you'll be fine swapping out and leaves you with lots of options for amps and the like which is nice. repairs and replacements never seem great as some of the units seem to somehow tie themselves to the car they were in and when swapped refuse to work again.
  • fitting a double din sony xav68bt with correct iso harnass with interface <div>for stg wheel control & correct aerial adaptor lead.</div><div>hole in dash panel is 180mm w,100mm h,</div><div>sony is 178mm w,101.5 h, depth of  unit is 169mm.</div><div>should,t need trim around face of unit</div><div>sony has the same as connect unit apart from sat nav.  </div><div>let you know how it goes.</div><div><br></div>
  • sourced a good condition connect,fitted that, all is ok again.<div>the sony is packed away in the loft ,may fit it when i can find a wiring diagram for my gen3.</div><div>reluctant to pay someone to do it as no one really wanted to. </div>
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