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In an attempt to solve my misfire problem on my Z11 I've bought a cheap Bluetooth ELM327 OBDII reader from Amazon. I've tried using with a couple of the apps available for Android (Torque etc) but can't seem to get the ECU to talk to the app. Has anyone had any success using one of these adapters / app combos to read ECU codes?<div><br></div><div>Any advice appreciated.</div>


  • hi i have three differnet ones and none work i am in the trade i have to go and see my brother and use his one 1000 pounds their must be on outt their some were
  • I use one of those bluetooth adapters but then use an app called Car Gauge Lite. It's not very user friendly, but there's a load of settings in there which you can tinker with to get it to work. I think the trouble I had was my headers were wrong on the readouts, so other apps didn't work.
  • Thanks guys. I'll try Car Guage Lite and see if I can get it working.
  • blidge  hi i did to app downloaded it it dose work you have to go into setteings and select japan cars and then it work well tryed it last night 
  • You need a jobd reader not an obd11
  • Car Guage Lite did the trick. Just selected Japan Gasoline in the settings. Thanks for the input guys. 
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