Ok lads and lasses, just acquired some magic illumination for the footwell, didn't plan on getting it but was up for a canny price so grabbed it. Only thing Is, it doesn't come with fitting instructions, it is genuine nissan (part number B64D01FG00), and wor lass works with a lad who is an auto electrician by trade and still does auto elec work on the side, so won't really be a problem as such, but obviously any info would be a help. Cheers.


  • do you have a gen 2 or 3 can't recall? if gen 3 and it's a UK kit then you put one of the plugs in between the connection behind the A pillar trim (this connects to the dome light for turning them white when the door is open.) the other goes in behind the stereo connection (pretty sure this just taps the stereo accessory feed.). You then run the cables from side to side across the back of the heater box. I have the fitting instructions in the garage and I'll try to remember to dig them out and photocopy them at work tomorrow for you.
  • Gen 3 Terry mate. Cheers for that. Very much appreciated. It's the UK kit, the one with 8 colours and 3 modes unlike the 20 colours and 3 modes they get in the states.
  • Think you'll be surprised how many colours you get as the kits are very similar just the way they wire in is different. My garage is in bits at the minute as we're having plumbing work done but as soon as it's a little clearer I'll get the sheets scanned.
  • Nice one Terry mate. Cheers again.
  • Lets try this, if it doesn't work let me know and I'll add it to the workshop manual drop box and you'll need to let me have an email address by PM.
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