New Cube Owner (again)

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I have gone and done it, bought another Cube. A 2006 low mileage hi spec model. Just trying to sort the lights out the fog light switch on the stalk works the rear fog light in the light cluster but I have 2 lights in the bumper and cannot find how to switch them on, any ideas? I think this is the only Cube Mk2 in South West Scotland located near Stranraer.


  • That sounds very weird. Sounds like someone has diverted the front fog light wiring to power the rear light. Is there a switch down by the door mirror controls, on the right of the steering wheel?
  • Had another look and the switch on indicator stalk when switched on operates both front and rear fog lights together. I checked the air filter the other day and found it was black also the oil filter does not look like has been changed in a long time, so I have booked it in for a service at my local garage.
  • Awesome. These never came with rear fogs, so someone has obviously stolen power or at least a signal from the front fog lights. This shouldn't cause you a problem come MOT time, although it is "a bit wrong". Black air filter is never good. Hopefully it will feel much happier after some TLC! :-)
  • Just got back from a service. Car drives a lot better with new filters, oil and spark plugs.
  • Always nice that after service feeling!
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