loss of power

ive bought a 1.4 ex bz11 sky blue 3 months ago. warrenty just out i am starting to lose power after doing about 60 to 70 miles allmost like it runs out of fuel but when you take your foot off the pedal power comes back this goes on for about 4 or 5 miles then totally clears as if nothing happened also i dont get the engine managment light coming on anybody got any ideas ?


  • Had it been serviced recently?

    It may be that the fuel filter needs replacing.
  • ditto as cubed says, engine management tied in to fuel/airflow etc, if im right? veedubs so much easier! lol :ugeek:
  • thanks for information it was so say serviced at purchase but was it done properly????
    i will change fuel filter myself and keep you all up to date
  • thanks to eurobob im a bit thick but what are veedubs lol X-D
  • also thanks to cubed
  • Veedubs = vw`s = old volkswagens! Few of us cubies on here are ex or present beetle/camper/ghia owners :D
    Seems the cube fits in nice with our mental state! (well mine anyway!) hope the filter cures the cough! :ugeek:
  • fits our mental state very well indeed! 8-O hope you get your problem fixed newb!!
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