Heater problems?

Hi everyone. Just new to the group. Picked up my first cube today. There seems to be hot air blowing in the footwell when the heater is off and when the heater is on and set to cold it still blows hot air. It was roasting sitting in it on the long journey home. Any ideas on what it could be? Thanks!


  • Hi welcome .
    If all others are cold and your heater is set to cold it can only be a control flap in heater box has become disconnected which will need a friend or mechanic to sort it That's my take on it
  • The heater control rod can be seen if you peer up into the side from the glove box footwell. there are a few shots on here of it broken on peoples cubes and I can't recall if it's on here or the facebook group but someone got the replacement part from Nissan to fix it. you can manually switch the flap by hand but not whilst driving so switching fan speed in the winter may be a better option just so you have warm air available when you need it until you can sort a fix.
  • Thanks for the replies. For some reason it doesnt seem to be really hot anymore, only on the 400+ miles drive home when i first bought it.
  • Have you checked your coolant level?
  • The coolant was ok before we drove it home and was fine when checked it again the next day.
  • after the blue light goes out on the dash the temperature is 50 degrees  about 1to 2 miles .i would get a thermometer and see what the running temp of the car is  
  • Hi terry_hill. Are you able to elaborate on manually switching the flap by hand please? I've taken the bottom front cover off and believe I can see the control and rod which must switch the flap but can't see or feel up far enough to work out how to flap it manually. Is there a certain technique? Thanks in advance.
  • So can't find the actual image but this is the same bit on different titan. The bit that breaks is the white bit the metal rod is connected to and so you hand move the white/cream bit. from what I've seen it's on the side of the heater unit that faces the passenger footwell so you should probably just be able to see it jamming your head in the footwell and looking up. kinda a pain but thats where it is. Someone on the facebook group tried to swap the part out having got a new one from Japan.... Not easy and I don't think they've got there quite yet!<div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • Thanks Terry. Wish I was a little bit smaller as trying to get myself positioned to see up from the footwell is a bit of a challenge!! :-) The pic helps me visualise what to feel for though so I'll have another go.
  • I'm 6'3" and have fitted the footwell lighting on the gen 3, I know of what you speak!!!
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