Speedo conversion

Me again! Sorry if this has been asked before, but I am interested to know how easy it is to change the speedo into MPH.<br><br>I have seen a few that have stuck MPH over the KMH but the scale is the same and I am not sure if they have accurately calibrated it to actually read in miles (and to have the speedo read up to 180MPH seems a little ambitious!); others I have seen where the scale has been changed to show MPH (and usually KMH less prominently on the inner radius), and this seems to be a far more satisfactory arrangement. But I've noticed more than a few for sale where no conversion has been done and none is offered so I was wondering if a professional-looking conversion can be done and if so, where to buy the correctly graduated MPH scale.<br><br>Thanks for your time folks! :)<br>Jim :)<br>


  • if you venture onto Facebook and get in touch with Dan Bell he can sort you the replacement dial inserts I believe that make the speedo show MPH without changing any readings.
  • Excellent Terry - many thanks indeed. That sounds like a very good plan :)<br>
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