Firm ride....

I have a 2006 Gen 2 Cube Conran, which is wonderful. But the ride is much firmer than I thought it would be. Is this normal or am I looking at a new set of shocks? Cheers All 


  • If it's firm I'd say that the shocks had already been changed and the car is possibly lowered. The cube has a known squashy wallowy ride straight out the factory which most look to lower and stiffen. It's a relative thing though as if you've come to the cube from a car thats fairly soft and rolly already (an old 4x4 of some sort for instance) then it could be it's not as soft as others think it is in comparison.
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    Thanks for that. I think I prefer ‘squashy and wallowy’. It doesn’t look lowered but I’m a Cube Noob so my judgement isn’t the best. Will have the shocks looked at next service. Thanks for the advice
  • If it looks like a normal car wheel arch gap it could well be lowered. if it has a of looking like it's lifted then it's probably stock!
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