Location of FOB Key 2004 Cube

Hey Guys and Girls,

Need help from Australia, cubes are rare here and harder to get info.

My issue is, I bought a whole cube for spare parts and it had the key fob, Could I just move all the locks/ignition barrel to make that key work on my car which has all the keyless entry but never came with the Fob key.

I tried to get my mechanic to reprogram the fob but was not able too.

So what do i need to change to make the Kwy fob work?
Or point me to a wiring digram regarding keys / ignition switch

Thank you in advance.


  • I belive bcm and fob and transponder on colunm
  • The fobs are programmed through the ECU module and need a certain sort of OBDII module to be able to access the correct part of the car's management system to reprogram. It can be done but you'll need to find the right computer to do it.<div><br></div><div>Where in Australia are you? Whilst the cube was never officially released there you have a couple of the strongest cube clubs in the world based there being the guys in Queensland (which I guess is based around Brisbane or somewhere but are very big on facebook) and the guys in Sydney. Guessing that is of no use at all if your in Perth but might be worth trying to get in touch with them through facebook as they are really helpful and organise a good number of get togethers and trips to places and I know have servicing meets where they get together and look over some of the common issues and how to repair them.</div>
  • Thanks for your help guys. I will try to see if I can do a swap over and get away with it.

    I am in Melbourne, Victoria.

    I will trying to find the group and see if they have ways of doing it.
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