4 Wheel Drive?

Now I am starting to look for my Cube, I would be interested to hear your opinions of the 4-wheel drive feature. I don't think I want/need it, but I am interested to learn more as I don't want to turn away a good car that fits every other feature I am looking for if that's the only difference.<br><br>So, does the 4WD add more to the insurance premium? Does it lose valuable space anywhere within the car? Is it reliable/worth having? Was the feature an optional extra or standard?<br><br>Looking forward to hearing your views/thoughts etc :)<br>


  • Hi Jim,<div><br></div><div>It was never a standard thing, it was a trim level in its own right I believe. It's a little electric motor that drives the tiniest of differentials at the back axle. I've only seen one and I didn't notice there being any loss of space in the cabin, but it's possible some of the under-boot space etc may have gone. Supposedly they're a bit better on fuel around town, as it helps get the car moving, and I guess it might help you in a wet, muddy field. I can't imagine an insurance company could care less.</div>
  • That's interesting to know - I had visions of the motor being huge and sacrificing the spare wheel or something! <br>
  • You loose the spare wheel well so there is nowhere fora spare tyre. beyond that it's not like the old fiat panda 4x4's that were a genuine off road capable variant of a little car, it's more meant to help out in the snow or somewhere you might get stuck in normal driving in the country on road as some of the japanese roads can be a bit dirt track at times. Beyond that there aren't many in the country that I know of and as such finding parts or anyone who knows what they are doing if it goes wrong could be a real struggle. Wouldn't say not to buy one as not heard many stories of them going wrong just be aware that your going into the realms of the rarest of an already fairly rare car!
  • Eek, that's what I was wondering (losing the spare wheel I mean).<br><br>I have probably got it wrong, but I thought the 4wd switch was next to the hazard warning light switch (when the 4wd was fitted). If this is wrong, then can you tell me what this switch is for. And if it is for the 4wd, then there seem to be more of them available with it than perhaps there was.<br><br>I would imagine using in snow would be the only time it'd ever get used, but I've never needed it (yet)! And if it gets used that infrequently, then in all probability it is when I'd most need it that it wouldn't work lol!<br>
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    On cars Nissan Cube (as well as on the second-generation Nissan March) of the second generation, a rather unusual implementation of the all-wheel drive is used: electric four-wheel drive or e-4WD. The peculiarity of the system is that the torque to the rear wheels is transmitted from the electric motor, which receives energy from the generator.

    Commentary to the scheme: The drive of the rear wheels (a light yellow block) is implemented in a single package. The electrical cable from the generator to the drive passes through the car's interior (apparently, in order to reduce the risk of insulation failure). The button for turning on the all-wheel drive is located on the dashboard to the left of the radio / navigation next to the alarm button. Note that to power the drive is used a separate generator of increased power, so that the "all-wheel drive" versions have two generators.

    The main advantages of e-4WD

    All-wheel drive is only used when it is necessary (the decision to turn on the all-wheel drive is taken by the driver, not mechanics or electronics);
    The system is fairly compact and light;
    The implementation of the all-wheel drive requires a minimum of changes in the design of the front-wheel drive car;
    The system of "electric" all-wheel drive is more economical in comparison with traditional systems (there is no additional load in mono-drive mode).

    The photo from the exhibition clearly shows the electric motor and drives
    Features of the all-wheel drive e-4WD

    Even with the e-4WD mode on when speeding over 30 km / h (approximately), the all-wheel drive is turned off;
    During heavy loads, the system can overheat, while the all-wheel drive turns off and the lamp of its malfunction lights up. The problem is eliminated simply - let the system cool down (stop driving), muffle the motor and restart it;
    The e-4WD all-wheel drive can be turned on and off in motion.
  • Sounds like it's well thought through, but seems a lot of extra 'stuff' for the very little use it'd get. I am going to try and attach a couple of photos I've saved, one of which I think shows fairly clearly the e4wd switch(?) the others I can't see what's on the switch, but if this switch is for engaging the e4wd option, then there must be quite a few of them coming into the country as most of the cars I've seen have this switch here.<br><img src="https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4379/37179626922_cb2108f126_b.jpg"><br><img src="https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4394/37179626632_f75461cd80_b.jpg"><br><img src="https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4414/37179626252_f75f26f74b_b.jpg"><br><br>;
  • Unless people add the switch to avoid having a blank one...<div><br></div><div>I want to drill it out and put some USB ports in there for phone charging, but then they're right in the way of the gear shifter. I just have having a big blank switch!</div>
  • Are you saying that in the photos where I can't see the switch properly, it's likely to be just a blanking plate? That's comforting to know if it is - I hadn't thought of that, but I am still very much learning about these cars and all the little changes they went through in production. I just assumed if a switch was fitted here, it would be the e4wd! *doh*<br>
  • Be aware that all cars coming into the country will have had to have a fog light added (in Japan they don't have them) and if there is a spare switch location handy they'll use that rather than chop a hole in the dash so I'd expect all the ones that don't have 4wd to have the fog light mounted there.
  • I've got a blanking plate in mine, and I've seen plenty of others that do as well. AM I wrong in saying that on CVT cars it's where the "sport" button is?<div><br></div><div>The fog light comment is a good one, but for some reason I've only seen the bodged in fog light switches fitted on the blank switches next to the electric mirror controls. The e4WD blank would be a much better spot for it!</div>
  • Thanks folks for all your replies! You've put my mind at rest knowing I'm not likely to come across a 4wd version!<br>Still looking for my Cube...!<br>
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