Change of Speedo Issues

Hi All<div><br></div><div>I hope this has not come up before as I couldnt see anything. I'm looking for some advice I'm about to buy my first Gen 2Cube. It has some issues one I'm not sure about is that it has a knackered speedo head. The current owner told me if I got a new or second hand speedo I would have to get it programmed to the car's ECU. I spoke to my local dealer who said they weren't sure about the Cube but other models if I put a new or second hand cluster in its just plug and play. So basically I am confused</div><div><br></div><div>This issue also means the mileage is not guaranteed and its got receipts for a 60000 mile engine from a Note. So my queries are</div><div><br></div><div><ul><li>Does the speedo system need programmed to the ECU</li><li>Could the change of engine be the cause of speedo failure/issues</li><li>What should I look for in a car with unconfirmed mileage</li></ul><div>The car is cheap and I'm confident I could break it for more than I would pay if it came to that , but the speedo thing does worry me so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated</div></div>


  • Could be all of the above trapped wire wire not plugged in bad Speedo .
    How ever not much help to you I did change my Speedo and had no problems and to be honest I had same forts but i just did it and if it needed programming I would of got it done .most speedos get their info from ecm/ bcm/ or atm and the Speedo is only really a face/voice for bcm to talk to so you can understand info .
  • Thanks Toaster my concern is its more something to do with the new engine but I just dont know enough about swapping engines & ECU's etc Im assuming you would have to use the Cube ECU with a different engine so it really should make any difference but.....,
  • correct you swap engine and use all old engine sensors .so it sounds more like wiring //speedo
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