Front legroom increase?

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Does anyone know if it is possible to buy any kind of extender for the front seats for the 2nd gen Cube? (Or is there a manual adjustment on the runners to allow a bit more room?) I have sat in one with the driver's seat all the way back but could have done with a couple of extra inches of legroom.<br><br>So many questions! Thanks for your patience! :)<br>


  • Their is a manual adjuster as usual for both front seats .how ever I have not seen a conversion available for cubes .not to say I can't be done I have my seat right back as I am a bit lanky I looked in to moving seat back however the seat belt buckle moves with seat and I just thought a lot of work drilling and make a good mod safely was out of my comfort zone .
  • Thanks for the reply Toaster - I had suspected as much but thought it would be worth asking.<br><br>I did find a company making such things for whatever vehicle you want (with safety in mind, of course) but the price is..., well a bit high!<br>
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