Rear seat space question

Again, I am not sure if this is the right area to ask this, but as it is specifically for the 2nd gen Cubes it seemed right....<br><br>My question is:<br>Is the leg room in the of the Cube the same amount as in the middle row of the Cubic? And, if so, does this leg room remain the same in the Cubic regardless of whether the rearmost seats are up or down?<br><br>The reason I ask is I like both models, but knowing from time to time I lug large things around, the extra room in the Cubic could become handy with the extra interior length. I also noted that when the rear seats were folded in the Cube, they don't fold flat to the floor, and I presume in the Cubic as the rearmost seats, when folded, raise the 'floor' level of the boot area would this would be level with the folded middle seats? I guess it would be handy to see a Cubic with the both back sets of seats folded.<br><br>So many questions!<br>Thanks in advance :)<br>


  • Hi! I've got a "normal" Cube, but thought about this myself when I bought it. The Cubic has a higher boot floor, but it is longer. I believe the rear/middle seat legroom is the same, based purely on having looked around a couple. I find the boot in the Cube is actually pretty good, even for big stuff. The rear bench can be slid forward and folded down (but not flat) giving you quite a lot of space for pretty big stuff. I've had a diesel generator in mine!
  • Thanks Mn2Sam - I've seen the boot area of the Cube with the seats up and it is a pretty impressive amount of space. I've only seen photos of the seats folded and that made me think it could be awkward for sliding large objects in. I've not seen all the seats folded in the Cubic, only the rearmost ones, which revealed a similar amount of luggage space. But with these folded, they seem to fit up against the rear of the middle seats, and this is what made me wonder if they have to be shunted forward a little in order to do this and reducing the amount of legroom available. I don't want to sacrifice legroom in the middle just to have luggage space in the back!<br>
  • That's a good point, I think they do have to go forward a bit. The middle seats still only fold the backs down so you have a sorted of raised shelf. In my short Cube with the bench slid forward it is quite spacious, hence I went with it over the Cubic.
  • Wow this has taken me a long time to respond. I really do spend too much time working away from home.<div><br></div><div>21cm! That's the distance from front of rear seat to back of front seat, both fully slid back and the front seat as I have it. If you sit a little more upright you get about 23cm. This is in a normal shorter Cube, rather than a Cubic.</div>
  • Thank you so much mn2sam! Welcome home! I think I am drawn more to the 'normal' Cube but I will see if there are any responses from Cubic owners :)<br>
  • Awesome! Thanks Toaster! :)<br>
  • Greetings all, need to refresh this as I'm currently looking for a Cube and really do need the space but not sure if I need the Cubic, often throw my road bike in the back of my car and head off on my travels, anyone attempted this in a Cube?  Any photos of the seats folded down would be useful.  I'm in the north of Scotland so don't have any around I can check out up here
  • I have put a bike in the back of mine and it was really, really tight. With the front wheel off it went in, but it was a squeeze. I've not got any good pictures of it though, and at the moment my car is loaded up with stuff!
  • if you take both wheels out the frame it will go in a breeze may even fit with the seats up and just pushed forwards. with the seats down the cube is weirdly spacious and if you go cubic I recon you might get the bike in sans wheels without dropping the middle row although as the 3rd row fold up out the floor you lose some height in the luggage compartment.
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