Cube 2006 YZ11 Green


We purchased our lovely cube last night. We haven't stopped smiling and driving around town in it since. We get lots of attention and strange looks. We love it. It is the green colour. We got it for a great price from trade in the UK. It has some paint damage on the bonnet which looks like something was spilt on it and now has the lacquer missing and exposing the paint beneath. we are going to get a hand painted lotus flower to cover the area and then re-lacquer it. Does anyone have any tips on doing this. Any other little bits of info would be appreciated. We are looking at maybe buying a translated owners manuel too. Is it worth getting? Does anyone else have the same green cube?


  • Sounds like you're having lots of fun! Any chance of seeing a picture? :D<br>
  • My favourite colour cube. Jobs a good 'un.
  • I got the Micra K12 manual on DVD which has been helpful for parts, can't say as I've wanted anything more than that other than some very specific knowledge from people on here! Good luck with the painting, sounds hard to me! I would normally sand that all the way back and repaint to avoid any paint reactions etc. As Jim says - pics! :-)
  • Hi, guys, thanks for the comments. Will put some pics on here tomorrow
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